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Le Veurdre
Surface: 1990 ha
Pop.: 578 h
Inhabitants: Les Veurdrois
Le Veurdre, situated on the banks of the Allier, was once a very ancient port. The river closely follows the low lying areas of the village.
A welcoming village, with all essential services, Le Veurdre offers camping municipal, an auberge/hotel offering 50 beds (“Hotel du Pont Neuf”) and 2 small museums of interest to nature lovers (“La Maison de la Nature/Maison de la Battellerie”). Canoeing for the “adept” and fishing is also an attraction.
The bridge offers a chance to view one of Europe’s last natural rivers.
Places of interest :
- “La Maison de la nature” (tél. 04 70 66 48 25) : exhibitions and an opportunity to discover something of the “bocage Bourbonnais”.
- “La Maison de la Battellerie” : a witness to Le Veurdre’s rich past, linked to river navigation and the local manufacture of boats (perpetuated at “La Chavannée” Maison d’Embraud).
- “Le Château de la Beaume” : open Fête days and weekends from 1st May to 30th September – 14h00/18h30).
Fêtes :
“La Foire aux Mesles” (second Monday in October each year) is one of the oldest horse fairs in the region.
- Festivities 15th August (donkey fair), always difficult to resist !