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Emergencies - Services
1, bd Gambetta – 03320 LURCY-LEVIS
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The Relay Assistantes Maternelles, RAM STRAM GRAM is a place of information
 which allows the Maternal assistants, with children the 3 month old to 6 years
and their parents to find itself around common activities. It is also a structure of support, information practical and legal, administrative and educational councils for the parents employers and the Maternal assistants.
Opening of the structure: Tuesday and Thursdays all the day. Tuesday and Thursday of 9. 00 at 11 a.m. 30: Free animations, for the children accompanied by their Maternal assistants Tuesday and Thursdays afternoon: Information for the families or the maternal assistants: - Tuesday of 13. 30 at 6 p.m. 00: on go; - Thursday of 13. 30 at 6 p.m. 00: permanence.
CENTRE SOCIAL RURAL du Secteur de Lurcy Lévis
1 Boulevard Gambetta – 03320 LURCY LEVIS
Tél : 04 70 67 91 35 – Fax : 04 70 67 91 91
Directrice : Mme Marinette BELLET
Internet: www.centres-sociaux-allier.com/lurcy-levis
Open hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 9. 00 - 12. 00/13. 30 - 17. 00 Wednesday, Friday 9. 00 - 12. 00
The social center is an association in load of the reception and information of the local population. It implements activities and services which meet the needs expressed locally. Do not hesitate to come to contact us for any information or all demands for coming to see us with the address above.
Les Ch’tites canailles proposes a halt itinerant nursery either Tuesday afternoon, or Wednesdays mornings or afternoon. This service makes it possible to make keep your children in an occasional way to enable you to go to external appointments. Your children discover new activities thus and prepare their re-entry at the nursery school. The planning of permanences is available to the town hall of LURCY-LEVIS, the Social Center or the
1, bd Gambetta - BP 8 - 03320 LURCY-LEVIS
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Schedules Office: Monday at Thursday of 9h with 12h and 14hà 18h, Friday 9h-12h and 14h-17h Northern Scrap-metal places at your disposal
Of the people for: all tasks of maintenance of your house: spare, gardening, odd jobs of do-it-yourself, removal...
In company: warehouseman, operation, mason assistance, will extras in restoration.
Which steps?
On simple phone call, we are with your listening for more information, we occupy ourselves of all the administrative tasks: seeks of the personnel, declaration of recruiting, payrolls, contracts of employment, medical examinations... Délai of intervention? Fast intervention over one half-day
Means of payment?
Bank checks, species, credit transfers, CESU.
Services more:
Private individuals, family employment give right a tax cut equal to 50% of the amount of the invoices discharged in the year in measurement of the ceilings fixed by the law.
Applicant for work:
 You are in the search of an employment or of a complement of hours, Northern Scrap-metal accomodates you individually to help you in your various research of employment (creation of CV, letter of motivation.), Association also proposes a display panel to you where the job offers ANPE are.
In partnership with ANPE, the local mission, the PAIO and other associations, the advisers of North Scrap- metal will be able to direct you. Various employment on stations little or not qualified will be proposed to you for the short ones or long durations. Any necessary certificate will be given to you (certificate ASSEDIC, attestation of employment.)
For the nonmobile applicants for work, permanences are your provision:
Bourbon Archambault: Monday of 8h45 - 10h45 with the local mssion
Ainay the Château: Tuesday of 14h - 16h with the Mairie,
Cérilly: Thursday of 9h - 11h with the Mairie,
Sancoins: Thursday of 14h - 16h with Espace 3S