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Media library of Pays de Lévis:

Opening hours:
The media library is open 16h per week, its entry is free and free for any person wishing to consult books and periodicals on the spot.

Monday: 10h - 12h      Tuesday: 15h - 18h
Wednesday: 10h - 12h 14h - 18h
Friday: 15h - 18h        Saturday: 10h - 12h
The intermediate libraries:

Château sur Allier                                                     Le Veurdre
Ancienne école (Direction Sancoins)                          Mairie                                         
03320 Château sur Alllier                                           03320 Le Veurdre 
Tél: 04 70 66 42 76 (Mairie)                                       Tél: 04 70 66 40 67
Permanence le mercredi de 14h à 16h                       Permanence le mercredi de 11h à 12h

Limoise                                                                       Neure
Maison Familiale et Rurale "Le Lieu Jay"                 Mairie
03320 Limoise                                                             03320 Neure
Tél: 04 70 67 30 30                                                     Tél: 04 70 67 88 65
Ouverte tous les jours de 14h à 17h                           Ouverte tous les matins
Pouzy Mésangy                                                           St Léopardin d'Augy
Salle polyvalente                                                         Mairie (1° étage)
03320 Pouzy Mésangy                                                03160 St Léopardin d'Augy
Tél: 04 70 66 22 10                                                     Tél: 04 70 66 22 56
Permanence le mardi de 16h à 17h30                        Permanence le samedi de 14h30 à 16h
et le samedi de 10h à 12h
The inter-commune media library is a center of multi-field resources proposing on 300m2 multimedia documents: books, periodicals, audio CD, CDRom and DVD. Different spaces reading and studies are distinguished:
 - Adult space gathers a vast choice of novels, documentary, practical works but also of adult comic strips.
 - Within space youth and early childhood is a space reading for the toddlers (hard-bound albums), the novels and tales for the 6/13 years, of the comic strips, documentary and a kiosk juniors (magazines and newes for the young people).
 - The corner re-examined proposes reviews covering a broad range of fields within a pleasant framework, with many armchairs at disposal.
 - Lastly, in space son/image, the music lovers and film enthusiasts will find their pleasure through many audio CD and DVD at disposal.
The collections of the inter-commune media library come from own capital stocks, but are regularly supplemented and renewed by funds of the Departmental Library Allier.
 The media library is managed using a data-processing software, two data-processing stations in free access allow the consultation of the funds documentataire. It is also possible to use these computers to carry out information retrievals on the Internet.