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Pouzy Mésangy
Surfacee: 3504 ha
Pop.: 421 h
Inhabitants: Les Pouzyquois
Site Internet: www.pouzy-mesangy.com
In the Middle ages, Pouzy and Mesangy were two distinct parishes of equal importance. By the beginning of the 17th century, due to the immense woodland and rivers surrounding the area, Pouzy became a substantial metal working centre. In 1789, Pouzy became attached to the “canton of Lurcy” and Mesangy to “Le Veurdre”, but in 1825, under the command of Charles X, it was brought together with Mesangy. In the 20th century, it became essentially agricultural.
The local heritage is historically interesting.
- The Eglise St Aignan (12th-15th centuries) boasts a nave of three rows and possesses twelve pillars of “enigmatiques classes”, obscure origins.
- Le Château de Pouzy (13th -14th century) with its moat, which appears on the “cadastre napoléonnien”, consists of a side porch, above which is mounted the coat of arms of the family Murat, seigneurs de Pouzy.
- La chapelle de Beaumont (17th century) dedicated to Our Lady of Mercy is the subject of a pilgrimage each year in September.
- Le château de Beaumont (19th century) largely dominates the countryside and valley of “La Bieudre”
- A number of fountains and wash houses merit a small detour in the walking trail of “Quatre Rivières” (road-marked).