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● Romance church Saint-Aignan (XIe, XIIe, XVe centuries) Pouzy- Mésangy.
20 classified enigmatic capitals Historic building. Opened every days - free Visit - Guided tour every Tuesday at 15. 00 of July 15 at August 15 and on request.

● Romance church Saint Martin's day (XIe - XIIe centuries) - Lurcy- Lévis.
Classified Historic building. Free visit of 8 H with 19 H every days. Guided tour every Thursday, at 3 p.m. 00, during August, July and September.

● Church Saint-Hippolyte (XIe, XIIe centuries) Le Veurdre.
 Open the morning as of 10 a.m. and all the afternoon - Visit free
● Church Saint-Jacob (XXe century) - Limoise.
 Open all the day - free Visit

● Church Saint-Fiacre (XIIe, XVe centuries) - Neure.
 Visits free - Opened every days permanently

● Church Saint-Georges (XIe, XIIIe, centuries) - Couzon Open all the day to 7 p.m. - 20 H - free Visit
● Eglise Saint Martin (XIXe century) St Léopardin d' Augy.
 Visits free every days of 9 H with 6 p.m..

● Church Saint-Maurice (XIIe - XVIIe centuries) Château s/Allier.
 Open from 10 a.m. Saturday and Sunday. Free visit.

● Site of Grand Beaumont - Chapelle Notre Dame (XVIIIe century) private, low walls of dry stones, fountain and laundrette - Pouzy-Mésangy.
Possibility of visit - to get information in town hall. Pilgrimage on September 10.