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Saint Léopardin d’Augy
Surface: 3959 ha
Pop.: 328 h
Inhabitants: Les Augyssois
The Benedictin Priory of St Leopardin can be seen on the right where the hermit St Leopardin was said to have lived, according to legend. The communes of St Léopardin and Augy were united in 1843 by order of King Louis-Philippe.
Local heritage :
- L’église St Martin  which dates from 19th century
- Le château du Plessis (14th century)
- Le château d’Autry which is a « maison bourgeoise »
- Le château du Bois (14th-19th century)
- The door to the cemetery which was originally the door to an ancient church of the 12th century, classified “Monument historique”.
- The Keep of the ancient priory is now an agricultural concern.