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Château sur Allier
Surface: 2775 ha
Pop.: 172 h
Inhabitants: Les Castelmontbellois
                dit "Les Chavans"
The village, situated on a mount, is probably of Gaulic origins, judging by the amount of relics found on the site. During the revolution, the town took the name of Montbel. The communes of “Chateau” and “Le Veurdre” sharing the activities of the river until 20th century. The economy is essentially agricultural.
In local heritage it boasts :
- Eglise St Maurice (XII-XVII)
- Le Château de St Augustin (XVII-XVIII), name relating to a Monastic community.
- Le Château de la Barre (XVIII-XIX), situated on an esplanade above the lake.
- La ferme d’Embraud (XIX), a small folk Museum and venue for “Fête de la Rivière » in May.