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Saint-Augustin - 03320 CHATEAU-SUR-ALLIER
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Web: www.chateau-saint-augustin.fr
The Château de Saint-Augustin classified Historic buildings was in
XVIème centuries, with the stronghold of the stock, then, in 1692,
 it was completed by Michel Cadier, 1st Baron de Veauce, who made his hunting lodge of it. Entirely built out of polychrome bricks, it is an architectural jewel of the Bourbonnaise area. The visit makes it possible to discover, in addition to the castle, the stables, saddlery and the vault. Walk in the park with animals in freedom and possibility spade-of screwing for the visitors. Rooms and tables of hosts to the castle, receptions, marriages.
Schedules: July 1 at September 1: tous.les.jours of 12 H with 6 p.m. days of the inheritance; The remainder of the year on go.
English spoken, wir sprechen Deutsch, si parla italiano.
Leave to discovered the rural inheritance, an animation created
by La Chavannée and the ADATER: visit Maison d'Embraud
« Embraud » - 03320 CHATEAU-SUR-ALLIER
Guide : Pascale Moulin (Adater)
Friday March 28 2008 of 2 - 4 pm
Tuesday April 29 of 2 - 4 pm
Saturday May 31 of 10 - 12
Saturday June 14 of 10 - 12
Thursday July 10 of 10 - 12
Tuesday September 9 of 2 - 4 pm
Friday October 24 of 2 - 4 pm
On preliminary inscription.
Tariffs: 4€ for the adults, 2€ for the 6-15 years and members
 of the ADATER.
6, rue des Orfèvres - 03320 LE VEURDRE
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Web: www.maisondelanature.org
This place of reception of the public has a showroom which will allow you each year to discover, through temporary exposure, specificities of the natural and cultural inheritance local. The discovery will be able to continue with the visionnage of a film or the consultation of specialized works.
As a tourist point of information labellized Tourism and Handicaps, the House of Nature will enable you to discover all the local tourist richnesses, as well in Combining it in Nievre or Expensive. Do not hesitate to visit us to prepare your tourist holidays or your escapades!
La Maison de la Nature also proposes to you to discover his Garden-refuge. A family activity "Test your directions with the Garden-refuge! "will allow you to spend a pleasant moment with your children and/or grandchildren while observing local fauna and the flora.
Lastly, the program of animations awaits you the House of Nature: you will find all the dates there not to be failed to pass from great natural moments throughout the year!
Note that all animations are proposed with half price with the members of association: it is time to join us! Admission free. Hiring of VTT. Animations for group on request.
Schedules of opening: June 1 at September 30, Monday at Friday of 9 - 12 and 2 - 5 pm and Sunday and public holidays of 3 - 6 pm (possible closing Wednesday afternoon: thank you to telephone before visiting us!) Possible reception all the year apart from these schedules, on reservation.
Some dates of animations on the canton of Lurcy-Lévis:
- Saturday 1st Mars 2008: Training course "Cuts fruit trees"
- Saturday 31 Mars 2008: Training course "Grafts with the orchard"
- Saturday July 5 and Wednesday August 6, 2008: Training course "Cooks buissonnière"
Require the program of the ADATER!
Rue des Héros du Pont – 03320 LE VEURDRE
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Situé en bordure de l’Allier, voisin du Cher et de la Nièvre, le château de la Baume fut construit par Perrin Blanc vers 1301. Jeanne d’Arc y séjourna en 1429. Il fut détruit en partie par les Huguenots en 1568, puis en 1576 par les troupes ralliées au Prince de Condé, rebâti fin du XVIe siècle par Charles d’Aubrun.
Le château actuel fut construit en 1746 par Gilbert Alarose.
Se trouvent encore sur le site :
- le parc ;
- les salons du XVIIIe ;
- les tableaux d’Hippolyte Fauvel ;
- le pigeonnier et les communs du VXIIIème ;
D’importants travaux de restauration sont en cours.
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Web: www.maisondelanature.org
L’Association pour le Développement de l ’ A g r i - To u r i s m e en
Espace Rural (ADATER)  was created in 1992 by naturalists, organizers
of education to the environment and professors in biology wishing
to make share their passion for the natural and cultural inheritance
of Nord Allier.
It has the aim of contributing to the development of ' education to
the environment near different public and to take part in the local
 economic development in through, in particular, of the Maison de la Nature open to Veurdre in 2001 and of which it is a manager.
In 15 years, the ADATER became an association of education to the environment recognized by National Education and the political leaders for the services relating to the environment. It employs three worker.
In 2005, association reaffirmed its associative project:
- To form with the éco-citizenship: by animations of discovered nature, environment, historical inheritance, near the young public (school, children in center of leisures...)
- To promote the local inheritance: by exits with topics (river To combine, birds, slab of the stag, rural inheritance...), training courses (mushrooms, kitchen buissonnière, clerk's office with the orchard, cuts fruit trees...), exposures... - To allow the soils to remain alive: by making to association a departmental actor and interdépartemental with whole share and a privileged partner of the local communities as regards environment.
The ADATER profits from Jeunesse approval and Sports and its organizers, professional graduate, are approved by National Education. In 2006, the ADATER was recognized of general interest by the services of the State.
Opening of the offices: Monday at Friday of 9 - 12 and  2 - 5 pm (to avoid you finding door closed in the event of absence, it is preferable to telephone to us before going visit).
3, rue du Trou Gandou - 03320 LE VEURDRE
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Web: www.lachavannee.com
In the old district of the Marines, not far from Allier it, La Maison de la Batellerie is animated by association "La Chavannée" which works since years on the traditions batelières. It presents an important iconographic collection and objects of marines. The exposure recalls the history of navigation on Allier it first dugouts with the famous chênières of Veurdre until the arrival of the railroad.
Opened of the Rise at the days of the inheritance, Sundays and public holidays of 3 - 6 pm and on you appointment.
Place de l’Eglise – 03160 COUZON
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Furniture, objects decorative, painting, sculpture, Carré d' Arts propose works carried out each one like single parts worked in rare species. Genuine platform of equitable trade this ateliershow presents works to you directly of the producer to the public as with the professionals. Numbers artists introduced at Carré d' Arts have already an international recognition. Carré d'Arts is open Monday to Saturday of 2 - 7 pm