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Come to discover the Honey of Veurdre and its products derived (Families ROBIN-BONGARD, bee-keeper-producers) the presentation from products porkbutchers with the "Tourte de Lévis" (M. Patrick FERRIER, delicatessen on Lurcy-Lévis) and the "andouillettes à la ficelle" (speciality of Mr. Michel MINARD, Master craftsman Porkbutcher on Lurcy-Lévis) and the famous top-of-the-range chocolates " Les Crottes de Marquis du Bourbonnais" in which name is originating in the  Pays de Lévis. (the chocolates are on sale all the year in a window of the Office of Tourism).

You will find also various products To combine (Mustard of Charroux, Huiles of Lapalisse, Terrines of bison, Confitures of the Abbey of Sept-Fons, Bières of Gannay and Treban, Vins of Saint-Pourçain...) which you will be able to buy with the unit or in greater number to constitute your greedy basket than is to offer or for your pleasure, with in addition of the tourist information adapted to each need. (Repertory of the stores of factory of the products To combine and listing of the points of sale available to the Office of Tourism).

The products porkbutchers are not regularly available to the Office of Tourism. You near the Office inform of the periods of sale of these products or go in the heading of Internet site "Trade - cottage industry" where you will find the co-ordinates of the craftsmen porkbutcher and delicatessen quoted above.

Located at the place even of the Baudin Establishments, where were create and exported the famous machines with shoe, the Office of Tourism accomodates you at the Maison de Pays and proposes to you to discover in its various windows the products of Soil of the Pays de Lévis just like of many products of Allier.

Products of soil of Pays de Lévis